Community Environmental Benefit Fund


Installments to organizations for selected projects began in September. Progress reported as of May 2023.

Ash Creek Conservation Association
Ash Creek Estuary Master Plan and Educational Outreach
Update of Ash Creek Estuary Master Plan.
Plan finalized in December 2022; implementation of Plan’s recommendations occurring in Spring 2023.
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Black Rock NRZ, Inc., and Park City Compost Initiative Inc.
Park City Compost Initiative
Launch and operate a City-wide, scaled aerobic food composting entity.
Continued operations in West End. Coordinating with City departments to identify permanent location in the geographical center of the City.
Click here to view PCCI Annual Impact Report.

Bridgeport Regional Business Council
Bridgeport Regional Energy Partnership
Fund an all-community task force with staff to implement programs for energy conservation & renewables.
Informal coalition of approximately 35 civic, cultural, economic, financial, and governmental institutions has conducted numerous community engagement sessions and attracted more than $100,000 in other financial commitments for implementation of projects.
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City of Bridgeport Department of Health & Social Services
The 7 Minutes to Health @ The Park Challenge
Install a state of-the-art outdoor fitness facility in Seaside Park
Fitness court completed under budget in September 2022. Exploring options to ensure long-term maintenance with remaining allocation.
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The Connecticut Coalition for Environmental Justice
Program to augment existing air quality data in Bridgeport through systematic monitoring.
Revising original work plan to complement/ continue other air quality monitoring efforts.

The Council of Churches of Greater Bridgeport
Increasing Access to Healthy Foods: BPass Program
Expand existing program to support local food entrepreneurs & workers.
Expansion has occurred of previously successful training programs.

Bridgeport Downtown Special Services District
Colorful Crew Beautification Project
Installation of plantings and other beautification measures in the downtown.
Underway; completion anticipated Spring 2023
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East End NRZ Pop-Up Market & Café
East End NRZ Market Microgreen Container Farm
Build and operate a microgreen shipping container farm.
Construction to begin Fall 2023, pending June 2023 City approval & execution of ground lease and development agreement  for properties on/near Central Avenue.

Groundwork Bridgeport, Inc.
Understanding and Improving Air Quality in Southern Bridgeport
Launch new program to generate better air quality data for planning purposes.
Installation of air quality monitors in selected locations to occur Spring 2023.

Health Improvement Alliance / St Vincent’s Medical Center
Sustaining Bridgeport’s Local Farmer’s Markets
Create and launch community business model for locally grown and consumed food.
Monthly distribution of Bridgeport Bucks running through full farmer’s market season, May- October 2023.

Metropolitan Council of Governments
PSEG Coal Fired Power Plant Reuse Planning Study
Commission coal plant site reuse study on behalf of CoB and PSEG, per CEBA.
Selection of multi-disciplinary planning firm in May 2023. Study work expected to commence with public input sessions Summer 2023.

NuPower Thermal Bridgeport, LLC
Thermal Loop Connection to Approved Storage and Waste
Subsidize thermal loop connection to Approved Storage and Waste, 2nd chance employer.
Installation of fuel cell and thermal loop connection planned for Summer- Fall 2023.

Operation Fuel
Better Homes and Buildings Program
Pilot / demonstration program to install heat pumps in 11-12 residential buildings.
Completed; installation of new heat pumps in eleven homes at Seaview Village occurred in February- March 2023.

PT Partners / The United Way of Coastal Fairfield County
PT Partners’ Environmental Awareness Campaign
Installation of air quality monitors at PT Barnum Apts. for resident education and planning purposes.
Installation of air quality monitors in selected locations to occur Spring 2023.

University of Bridgeport, Fiduciary
Seaside Gateway Trail
Creation of a landscaped walking trail at Seaside Park intended to promote wellness.
Phase I of project completed May 2023.
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Allocations are not awards. Allocations reflect a reservation of CEBF resources for Projects. Awards amounts require ETF action, subject to terms and conditions the ETF and Designated Organization may require / establish.

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