In an effort to produce cleaner energy, PSEG Power Connecticut LLC, in collaboration with the City of Bridgeport and local community organizations, signed a Community Environmental Benefit Agreement (CEBA). As part of the CEBA, PSEG agreed to finalize plans to retire the coal plant and begin construction on a new natural gas-fired combined-cycle power plant. The CEBA is intended to create a process that would provide a means by which community needs and environmental concerns could be addressed.

PSEG has made a number of commitments to the City and to the greater Bridgeport region, as stipulated by the CEBA. Among them is a $2 million grant to the Environmental Task Force, a committee nominated by Bridgeport Mayor Joseph Ganim, to advance the purpose of the Environmental Justice Act, to achieve maximum public health and environmental benefit for the air quality in the neighborhoods surrounding Bridgeport Harbor Station.

In addition to the community environmental benefit fund, PSEG has also agreed to create a $5 million Renewable Energy Investment Program. The program will promote renewable energy projects within the City of Bridgeport that are recommended by the City and ETF, and meet PSEG investment guidelines. This initiative will provide investment opportunities within the City that propose renewable energy investment opportunities or programs.

The CEBA was signed by Mayor Ganim, along with other members of the Bridgeport community, including the Connecticut Coalition for Environmental Justice, the University of Bridgeport, South End Revitalization Zone Committee and West Side/West End Neighborhood Revitalization Zone Implementation Committee.

PSEG’s new power plant will run primarily on natural gas, but also will have the capability to run on ultra-low sulfur distillate as a back-up fuel. The backup fuel ensures fuel diversity and thus increases the reliability of the electric grid. The unit will be fully equipped with advanced emissions control technology and meet all federal and state emissions regulations.

PSEG Power Connecticut is committed to ensuring that the future of energy production includes increased reliability, is environmentally responsible, and moves forward toward a more sustainable future in the City of Bridgeport.

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