Chapter 2.124 – BRIDGEPORT ENVIRONMENTAL TASK FORCE (Ord. dated 2/1/16 )

2.124.010 – Established.
There is herewith established the Bridgeport environmental task force for the purpose of providing technical assistance and advice to the city as to support collaborative efforts to work with public and private sector and non-profit initiatives for environmental issues that impact the city, with special emphasis on the Black Rock, West Side/West End, South End, East End or East Side NRZ areas (“affected areas”).

2.124.020 – Rights, powers, duties and responsibilities.
The environmental task force shall have all the rights, powers, duties and responsibilities to advise the city and any fiduciary of a community environmental benefits fund, if any, on environmental issues, including, but not limited to, rainwater/sewage mix; sustainability as it relates to energy usage; financial and legislative issues and incentives; power plants in the city; environmental health survey – to measure outcomes; review any operating, policy and energy efficiency programs that may be included in a community environmental benefits agreement, if any; and, the allocation of the community environmental benefits fund, if any, that may be negotiated and funded in accordance with the provisions of the Environmental Justice Community Act. Unless otherwise authorized by state law the task force shall have no regulatory authority.

124.030 – Members and terms.
The environmental task force shall consist of fifteen (15) members appointed from the following groups and in the following fashion:

  • Chair (or designee) of the Black Rock NRZ Planning Committee;
    Chair (or designee) of the West Side/West End NRZ Planning Committee;
  • Chair (or designee) of the South End Neighborhood Revitalization Zone Committee;
  • Chair (or designee) of the East End NRZ Committee;
    Chair (or designee) of the East Side NRZ Committee;
  • Chair (or designee) of the energy improvement district;
  • The director of health and social services or a successor department;
  • Seven members appointed by the mayor, subject to confirmation by the city council:
    1. One resident of an NRZ area not designated in this section, nominated by the city-wide NRZ;
    2. One resident of an area of the city not represented by an NRZ.
    3. One representative of the environmental justice and/or environmental community nominated by the CT coalition for environmental justice or a successor organization in the environmental or environmental justice community;
    4. One member nominated by the President of the University of Bridgeport;
    5. One member nominated by a private power producer operating in Bridgeport (if there is no agreement within forty-five (45) days of the notice of vacancy, the mayor shall make said appointment) in his or her discretion;
    6. One member of the general assembly from an area of the city not otherwise designated herein.
    7. One member of the city council from an area of the city not otherwise designated herein.
  • One representative of the mayor. The mayor shall be a member ex officio and may vote only in case of a tie.

Such appointees of the mayor, in subsection A.8, above, shall be appointed to serve for a term of three years except that initial appointments shall have staggered terms so that two members shall serve for one year, two members shall serve for two years and three members shall serve for three years; such terms shall be set forth at the time of the appointment by the mayor.

Any vacancy in the membership of this environmental task force shall be filled for the unexpired portion of the term in accordance with the method of appointment as set forth, above. Any member appointed by the mayor may be removed by the mayor for cause and, on request of such member, after public hearing. Members of the environmental task force shall receive no compensation for their services as such, but shall be reimbursed for their necessary expenses incurred in the performance of their official duties.

2.124.040 – Other duties.
The environmental task force, in addition to its duties, shall particularly seek to coordinate the activities of and cooperate with official and unofficial bodies organized to promote the purposes set forth herein and to assign and delegate to these official and unofficial agencies those functions which are most appropriate to their capacities.

2.124.050 – Report and recommendations.
The environmental task force shall annually prepare and transmit to the mayor and city council a report of its activities and of its recommendations regarding environmental issues.

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