Current Environmental Task Force Members
Membership pursuant to Sec. 2.124.030 of Bridgeport Municipal Code
(As of May 2023)

Stuart Sachs, ETF Chairman, Designee of the Black Rock NRZ Planning Committee

Frank Borres, Designee of the West Side/ West End NRZ Planning Committee

Paul Boucher, Designee of the South End Neighborhood Revitalization Zone Committee

Keith Williams, Chair (President) of the East End NRZ Committee

Christopher Anastasi, Designee of the energy improvement district

Daniel Roach, Representative of the Mayor

Tatiana Urena, Chair (or designee) of the East Side NRZ Committee

Vacant, The director of health and social services or a successor department

The mayor shall be a member ex officio and may vote only in case of a tie.

Seven members appointed by the mayor, subject to confirmation by the city council:

One resident of an NRZ area not designated in this section, nominated by the city-wide NRZ; Vacant

One resident of an area of the city not represented by an NRZ; Vacant

One representative of the environmental justice and/or environmental community nominated by the CT coalition for environmental justice or a successor organization in the environmental or environmental justice community; Vacant

One member nominated by the President of the University of Bridgeport; Vacant

One member nominated by a private power producer operating in Bridgeport (if there is no agreement within forty-five (45) days of the notice of vacancy, the mayor shall make said appointment) in his or her discretion; Vacant

One member of the general assembly from an area of the city not otherwise designated herein; Vacant

One member of the city council from an area of the city not otherwise designated herein; Vacant

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